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Can you remember back to when you were a kid and your grand-pop would take you out for breakfast or dinner on the weekend? Where all the people knew who you were and made you feel like you were the most important person in there. Well this is that place. The food is excellent! Prices are very reasonable. And if you leave hungry then you ordered it Togo because the portions are huge. I like that most of the staff have been there most of there lives. Most between 30 and 40 years. And they all know your name. Almost all the patrons know each other so its nice to see people from the community to just sit and chat. The owners are 3rd and 4th generation. Some of there traditional recipes go back to the 1950's. Another thing that I like is the daily insert changes. I am actually on call list for several items. So if your like me and you like tradition, start one here with your family and enjoy the memories and the great food.

Great food at a reasonable price! Would recommend to anyone! Especially love the creamed beef on toast platter with home fries!! Delicious, generous serving size!

Ania Stacey said: 

Hands down, one of the top 3 diners I’ve ever been to! This one is a real country, no frills diner. We went there on a Saturday night and the place was super busy, yet the wait for a table was short. Our waitress, Alison I believe, was super sweet, quick and efficient. All of the wait staff moves fast and you can tell they have this down to a science! The food came out quick and it was delicious. The menu is just long enough to be able to pick something relatively fast. There is nothing worse than diner menu that’s a mile long, which in turn makes you ridiculously undecided. The food choices were dishes that were old school homemade recipes, which is exactly what we are looking for. The prices are comparable to other diners but the portions are pretty gigantic. It’s diner food but it’s really good quality diner food. This will definitely be our regular spot from now on!!! We generally prefer diners from other chain restaurants and there aren’t that many of the real deals around anymore. 

Gus Mimikos said: 

This place deserves 10 Stars seriously. This place is a diamond in the rough. The employees are top notch and the food beyond excellent. Kudos to the owners and staff. This place is a cozy atmosphere with food that tastes like a Sunday Family at home dining room. As a business surviving in strip malls and fast food chains, it is a pleasure dining in a great place like this. Roy Ann is a stand Alone business that I personally consider in my top five to go place. 



Jul 01, 2022 


David Aichele said: 

Excellent selection, decent portions and attentive service even during a Friday dinner rush 



Jun 29, 2022 


Troy Eckhart said: 

Been coming to this local diner since I was literally a baby. I never had a bad meal here ever. Local daily specials and fresh food , I now bring my children here to enjoy. They love the grilled cheese sandwiches and I always get my mushroom and Provolone and pork roll sandwich.... they never get it wrong.


Joseph H. said: 

We were driving thru the area and decided to stop here for a late lunch. All of the staff were very pleasant, warm and friendly. The food was delicious with good sized portions and it hit our table faster than most other diners we go to. And the desserts were very generous in size. It seems like many diners slice a pie into 10 pieces, but this restaurant apparently slices their pies into 6 slices. We didn't use the rest rooms, so no comment about them. The restaurant itself was very clean, ...